The Vegetable Gardener

Hi friends, I am the Vegetable Gardener

Hi friends, I am the Grow Organic Vegetable Gardener. I am called the Organic Vegetable Gardener because I only use organic products in my garden. I don’t believe in using pesticides unless absolutely necessary. This situation may arise in the case of a mold type fungus on your plants.

I have been actively gardening for over 10 years specializing in Container and Raised bed gardening. I used Certified Organic Seeds and Quality top soil in my garden. I would like to give you some tips about Vegetable Gardening. These tips are design for all the Beginners out there or you seasoned gardeners who are looking for new information.

I would be glad to answer any and all questions you might have with your gardening issues ! I have grown tomatoes, cucumbers, collards, Kale, Cantaloupe, watermelon, onions, Boysenberries, strawberries and much more….. I probably have seen it all!!

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